Abrahamic Reunion at Women Wage Peace

On Tuesday, October 10th, our group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious peace leaders led a prayer for peace at the Peace Sukkah of the Women Wage Peace gathering in Independence Park in Jerusalem. Before the prayer, the Abrahamic Reunion board shared a meal in Happy Fish restaurant in Mamilla mall and planned the next steps to widen our work for peace in the Holy Land.

From left, Haj Ibrahim Abuelhawa, Ra’anan Mallek, Imam Khalil Albaz, Father Nael Abu Rahmoun, Rabbi Yakov Nagen, Rebecca Abrahamson, Sana Albaz, and Eliyahu McLean after meeting to plan interfaith projects in the Holy Land.


Rebecca Abrahamson opens with a Jewish prayer for peace


“Working for reconciliation is a religious duty,” says Father Nael Abu Rahmoun, an Anglican priest from Christ Church, Nazareth


Eliyahu McLean shares the meaning of the four species and prayers that are said during the Sukkot holy days, suggesting a new meaning: unity between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and Druze, our Abrahamic family.


Eliyahu McLean waves the four species in 6 directions, invoking harmony in all the dimensions.


The Abrahamic Reunion affirms the message of the women: “Unite left, right and center for peace.”