AR Meets Palestinian Authority in Ramallah with Nas Daily

Nas Daily made another video featuring our interfaith work, this time joining me and leaders from the Abrahamic Reunion in a visit, Sunday March 21, to the Fatah headquarters in Ramallah, where we met with Fatah Central Committee member Muhammad al-Madani and the “Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society”.

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The Fatah leaders spoke about their recognition of Israel (but that Israel should define it’s Jewish character, they feel its not their job to) and willingness to consider any proposed solution, but first the occupation must end and two states come to exist side by side. They said Israelis must press their leaders to take more steps for peace.

Israelis brought up: recognize that the Jewish people are an indigenous people returning home through our own legitimate national liberation movement, were not foreign colonialists; stop incitement; and that Fatah leaders must support Palestinians who meet Israelis, who are accused of ‘normalization’ with Israel.

We all agreed on: claiming our shared heritage as the family of Abraham provides a way to re-build trust, religion and religious leaders must be part of the solution.

Joining were these religious leaders:
Eliyahu McLean, Director of the Abrahamic Reunion,
Haj Ibrahim Abu El Hawa, Mount of Olives,
Jiries Mansour, Greek Melkite Deacon from Rame, Galilee,
Rabbi Yakov Nagen, from Otniel Yeshiva,
Eliyahu Kaufman from Ramat Beit Shemesh
Rabbi Mordechai Minzberg, from Meah She’arim,
Rabbi Chaim Cohen from Mevo Modi’in,
Raanan Malek, Event Coordinator at the Tantur Institute, and
Daniel Aqleh, Evangelical minister from Bethlehem.
with Yehuda Schwartz, ‘Federation of Israel-Palestine’

About women’s participation, there are 5 religious women members active in the Abrahamic Reunion who couldn’t make it that day to Ramallah for different reasons: Hadassah Froman, Sana Albaz, Siham Halabi, Ibtisam Mahamid, and Rebecca Abrahamson.
Keep in mind also, most traditional Muslim, Jewish, Druze women, and Christian dont like to be filmed with men. There is alot of interfaith work happening in women only meetings, such as with Elana Rozenman, where it’s a safe space to meet without the men present.

Nas Daily, it’s been a beautiful collaboration, thanks for highlighting my interfaith work with your hip and up to date videos… it helps us in our uphill battle to overcome the negativity and share the stories of positive connections taking place across borders in the Land of the Prophets!