AR Palestine Chapter on Mt Grizim

On Friday, November 17, 19 people gathered for a meeting in Nablus on Mount Grizim. The day marked the launch of the Abrahamic Reunion’s Palestine Chapter which will offer regional events in Palestine, organized by Palestinian Coordinators Mohamad Jammous, (Jericho), Daniel Aqleh (Bethlehem), Mohamad Said (Nablus), and Musa (Palestine). This event was coordinated by Mohamad Jamous and Mohamad Said.

The day began at 10 am with a tour of Mt. Grizim, where Muslims and Christians came together to meet the Samaritans living there. Samaritanism is similar to Judaism, although Samaritans believe that Mt Grizim, rather than Mt Zion, is the holy place to worship God from. There are less than 800 Samaritans in the world today.

After the tour of the ruins and historical landmarks, everyone shared sweets and refreshments. Mohamad Jamous then introduced the Abrahamic Reunion and talked about its work and many activities. Mohamad Jamous, who helped organize the Abrahamic Reunion’s 2017 Peace Summit in Jericho last February, represents the efforts of another young leader in the Abrahamic Reunion’s peacemaking work. It was a great day full of passion and enthusiasm for the work of the Abrahamic Reunion.