“Ibrahim’s Peace House” Chapter Launch

On Thursday, November 30th, the Abrahamic Reunion successfully obtained permits for 20 Palestinian men, women, and children from Nablus and Jericho to come for a day of peacebuilding in Jerusalem. After touring the Botanical Gardens, the group shared a meal with Jewish Renewal rabbis at Haj Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa’s Peace House on the Mt of Olives. The group shared teachings about the Muslim and Jewish holy days of this time of year: Mawlid il-Nabi and Chanukah. The event marked the official launch of Ibrahim’s Peace House as the newest chapter of the Abrahamic Reunion.

For more than 30 years, people of all faiths have been coming to Ibrahim’s Peace House to eat, sleep, and get to know each other for free. The house is run entirely on donations and everyone is welcome. Haj Ibrahim is known to be seen walking down the street asking travelers if they need a place to stay the night, and inviting everyone he meets to come to stay at his house.  His famous generosity has made him famous as the “ambassador of goodwill” from the Mount of Olives, and is one of the original co-founding Peacemakers of the Abrahamic Reunion from back in 2004.

The day of peacebuilding ended on the roof of King David’s tomb, when the group joined November’s Praying Together in Jerusalem event.