Response to Orlando Violence by Imam Khalil & Sanaa Albaz

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most merciful

We deplore and condemn these terrorist operations, Islam Is Innocent from these terrorists, Who are tarnishing the name of Islam, The religion of tolerance and love, When the Muslims want to go to the battle, The Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, Used to say to them: “Do not kill an old man, Nor woman or a child, do not cut a tree, Do not kill an animal” This is the commandment of the messenger of God.

We  offer condolences of the American people, and we stand by them in these days.

We in Tel Sheva and the Negev inform our condolences to all of the Americans.

Imam Khalil and Sanaa Albaz

VIDEO Peacemakers reflect on meeting PA Leadership in Ramallah

March 22nd Meeting of  Abrahamic Reunion Peacemakers with Palestinian Authority Leadership in Ramallah. Read the full report here.