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Religion As A Force For Peace In The Holy Land & The World

The Abrahamic Reunion is a group of Spiritual and Religious leaders whose work began 14 years ago in the Holy Land and has spread to Europe, England, and North America.

History has shown that fear, prejudice and violence develops in communities isolated by religion and politics. The Abrahamic Reunion uses religion a force for peace to bring people from different religious communities together so they can know and understand one another.

The Abrahamic Reunion operates to empower religious communities to work towards peace through the following actions:


Abrahamic Reunion supports a multi-faith task group that travels to places of religiously motivated violence to offer prayer, healing, support, and solidarity with the attacked community.


We organize public, non-political, multi-faith group walks, and public meetings, in co-operation with local religious leaders, in insular spiritual communities prone to radicalization, and in places where religiously motivated violence have taken place.


In partnership with other religious and spiritual groups, The Abrahamic Reunion co-hosts public monthly multi-faith prayers in Jerusalem that includes Muslims, Jews, Christians and Druze.


We support multi-faith women’s meetings throughout the Holy Land.


The AR trains and equips young people, women, interested individuals and religious leaders to transform conflict, and become multi-faith group facilitators and effective peace-makers.


The Abrahamic Reunion supports multi-faith student activities on college campuses through the Campus Peace-maker’s pilot project


We host regularly scheduled multi-faith scriptural study and discussion groups in Synagogues, Mosques and Churches in North America and the Holy Land.


Abrahamic Reunion hosts semi-annual interfaith conferences in Jerusalem for all of the organizations working for interfaith understanding throughout the Holy Land.


We sponsor an annual Ramadan Iftar Peace Dinner where 200-300 Christians, Jews and Druze prepare and celebrate a Ramadan Iftar for the Muslim Community throughout the Holy Land.


We counteract radicalization in the prison population by training clergy, staff and inmates in our multi-faith peacemaking methodologies. (New and developing program)

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All of this work is done with a limited budget by staff, and volunteers. If we had more funding we could grow these successful projects to scale and increase the effect exponentially.