World Interfaith Harmony Week Message from David Less, Board Chairman

World Interfaith Harmony Week Message

from David Less, AR Co-Founder, Board Chairman

Dear friends of harmony,

Today is the beginning of the United Nations week of global interfaith harmony and it is imperative in these times to voice a spiritual and conscious perspective. When we see the news of the world and the happenings in the USA it does not seem we have learned from the past but instead reincarnated thoughts and emotions from our dark past. Instead of harmony we see apparent enmity and divisiveness and a subtle feeling of hopelessness seems to be creeping into the collective global mind. What can be done?

For people of faith, whatever be their religion or belief, the first action in time of crisis is inner. The actions of mindless and faithless governments and of hysterical religious fanatics and terrorists must act as a call to prayer for the faithful throughout the world. Real prayer develops an inner strength, clear vision and a strong will. It removes us from the world of duality and shallow emotions and enables us to marshal the inner forces of our own being in alignment with the strength and will of God.

Is that enough? For some people it is. Maintaining a state of prayer can create a battery of powerful spiritual energy that can be drawn upon by all those working in this world to create harmony and understanding instead of hegemony and fear. For others there is a need to bring actions into this world, to exemplify a spirit of balance and power in the midst of darkness and fear. From prayer comes inspiration and insight. Each of us must find our inner wisdom and guidance and we will know what to do. No one can own our soul and truly no one can inspire us as deeply as our own depth.

What is our work? Whether in the midst of outer demonstrations or discussions, in our writings or actions, in our thoughts and feelings, we must demonstrate peace and harmony, we must show positivity, hope and love. Most importantly, we must spread the atmosphere of love and harmony which, as every scripture says, is the perfume that signifies the presence of God.

I pray we are strong in God, powerful in hope, conscious with harmony, fearless and illuminated and that our faith becomes demonstrably present and alive. The vision of interfaith harmony must leave the world of dreams and we must make it a reality here on our exquisite planet.

With love and blessings,

David Less
For the Abrahamic Reunion

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