November’s Praying Together in Jerusalem

On Thursday, November 30th, 60 people, Israelis and Palestinians, came together for the monthly Praying Together in Jerusalem event. This month, the prayer took place on the roof of the Tomb of King David complex. Jews, Christians, and Muslims said their evening prayers in separate, side by side groups, then came together as one large group to pray for Jerusalem.

The Abrahamic Reunion sponsored and brought 20 Palestinian participants to the November Praying Together In Jerusalem. “It was so powerful to have all of them there,” said Raanan Mallek, event coordinator from Tantur and the Abrahamic Reunion, “It makes a huge difference to be able to bring Palestinians across the border and to Praying Together In Jerusalem – this was one of our most powerful Praying Together In Jerusalem’s we’ve ever had.”

Thanks to Daniel Aqleh, Mohamad Jammous, and Mohammad Said, AR Palestinian Coordinators for working with Eliyahu McLean to organize the transportation, permit process, and joyful coming together for a winter’s prayer atop the Tomb of King David.

Project coordinators Raanan Mallek (left) and Daniel Aqleh (right)

Jewish evening prayer (Ma’ariv)

Christian evening prayer (Vespers)

Muslim evening prayer (Maghrib)