Ghassan Manasra Lecture & Program Offerings 2017

“Reconciliation is the highest truth” – Ghassan Manasra

Ghassan Manasra HeadshotSheikh Ghassan Manasra, Abrahamic Reunion International Executive Director, is a passionate scholar, writer, and imam who has dedicated his life to the often dangerous path of peacemaking in Israel & Palestine.

Courageously standing for cooperation, dialogue, and common understanding amidst the fiery conflict, Sheikh Manasra works with rabbis, priests, imams, and other religious leaders and lay people to fight hatred with harmony, separation with dialogue, despair with hope, and violence with love.

A common world traveler, Sheikh Manasra has lectured at Yale, Cambridge University, Cornell, Temple University, UC Santa Barbara, Catholic University (Rome, Italy), among others, and has confided with heads of state as an expert on Middle East Affairs. Read his extended bio here. 



Lecture Offerings:

  • My Life In The Middle: 25 Years as a Front-line Interfaith Peacemaker in Israel & Palestine
  • Religion As A Force For Peace In Israel & Palestine – The Work of the Abrahamic Reunion
  • Understanding Radical Islam – The Perspective of a Moderate Imam, Peacemaker, & Scholar
  • Sufism in the 21st century: The Moderate, Silent Plurality within Islam

DI Summer Program 2016 Ghassan

Program Offerings:

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